• Requirements to join this level/you have to be able to:

    - Perífrasis verbales: Start to do something, stop doing something, doing something again and more combination of verbs.

    -Talk about past experiences: Simple Past and Pretérito Imperfecto.

    -Future: express different levels of certainty, make hypothesis in the future.

    -Express prohibition and obligation: talk about customs and traditions, vocabulary of work and school.

    -Telling an argument of a story or a book.

    -Recommend, give advice, give instructions.



    (Units 1-5 from Aula Internacional 3)


    At the end of this course you will be able to:

    -Intro to Subjunctive Mode

    - Reported Speech in order to communicate a message from someone else. You'll learn how to leave phone messages for someone else.

    - Re-tell stories using a combination of all the pasts and vocabulary typical from these types of texts/conversations.

    - Talk about your emotions: desire, annoyance, opinion, sadness, pity, fear, etc. Use of the Subjunctive mode. You'll be able to talk about someone's character in depth.

    -Talk about your plans for the future using time references. You'll be able to make predictions based on your opinion of what might happen in the future. You'll be able to express probability and (un)certainty.

    -Ask for and give advice, your opinion, and put yourself in someone else's shoes. React to advise.

    -You'll learn to express agreement and disagreement with someone else's opinion, You'll learn to debate.


    (Units 6-12 Aula Internacional 3 PLUS)

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